about new beat  
New Beat
New Beat started out as a group of three guys from Falun, Sweden with a passion for programming the Atari 16-bit series of computers in the late 80's. These people were Daniel Hedberg, Thomas Bergström and Anders Olsson. A few years down the road Robert Cooke joined us.

The past and the future
Over the years we have worked on many projects for the Atari 16-bit and 32-bit series of computers. While most of these projects were successfully finished, some were abandoned, and a few of them are still in progress. Click on productions in the menu to the left to download any of our software.

To say that New Beat is still active would be a bit of a lie. With that said, we still do write code on rare occasions, and once in a while we even experience periods of high activity and release stuff. Latest period of high activity was initiated in May 2017, and is still happening! So buckle up, and prepare yourself for more New Beat releases!