ace work report  
May 8, 2003
ACE Tracker v0.991 released!
April 14, 2003
ACE Tracker v0.99 released!
January 7, 2003
ACE MIDI v1.06 released! This version is only available for registered users.
July 7, 2002
ACE MIDI v1.05 released! This version is only available for registered users.
May 27, 2002
ACE MIDI v1.04 released! This version is only available for registered users.
Here is some of the news since version 1.01 (besides bugfixes):
  • Default sets. Have a set load automatically every time ACE is started.
  • Improved zoom and scroll sample functions.
  • Copy and paste patches using the keyboard.
  • Three new volocity curves.
April 23, 2002
ACE MIDI v1.03 released! This version is only available for registered users.
March 19, 2002
ACE MIDI v1.02 released! This version is only available for registered users.
March 15, 2002
ACE MIDI v1.01 released!
March 13, 2002
The bugs found in the initial release of ACE MIDI has now been fixed:
  • ACE MIDI had problems with some Yamaha synthesizers (for example CS1, PSR xxx, and all equipment sending MTC).
  • The LFO did not work on level 1. Enabling the "LVL 1" switch did nothing.
  • Note ON directly followed by Note OFF (for example the MIDI-metronome in Cubase) resulted in no sound at all.
March 5, 2002
ACE MIDI v1.0 released!
January 8, 2002
A lot of work have been done since the last report. Here are some of the more important news:
  • Screen resolution changed from 640x400 back to 640x480 due to lack of space.
  • Multitimbral editor completed.
  • The beta testing phase has finally been initiated.
  • Multitimbral mode does no longer feature multiple layers, instead it is possible to set the parts MIDI channels to maintain the layer functionality.
July 4, 2001
  • Redesigned the filter and fixed an error that made it impossible to turn off the resonance completely. ACE sounds better than ever!
  • Support for 32, 44, 48 and 49 kHz reply is now basicly done, only a few small updates needed.
  • The ACE manual has been started on and is progressing quickly.
  • ACE now uses a screen resolution of 640x400 pixels instead of 640x480.
March 6, 2001
  • ACE now uses the standard GEM fileselector for loading and saving files.
February 12, 2001
  • Auto-load of samples implemented.
  • ACE will be split up in two programs, one MIDI version and one tracker version. This will speed up development a lot. The project will still be called ACE for simplicity but the names of the final products may be diffrent.
  • MIDI and IKBD interrupts completely rewritten. The old code got quite large and messed up the instruction-cache too much each interrupt. The handlers were split up in two routines, one short for the interrupt, and one post-prcessing routine which evaluates the incoming data.
  • It is now possible to assign sounds to each key on your synth, making it possible to make your own drumsets, multi-samples, etc.
February 1, 2001
  • Corrected a small display problem causing the screen to be displayed eight lines too low.
  • LFO random wave implemented.
  • Pattern clear block implemented.
  • LFO "post delay" removed as its functionality was limited when the arpeggio replaced the second LFO.
  • The square oscillators were a bit "off tune" - now corrected.
January 30, 2001
  • Pattern block transpose implemented.
  • The pattern overview is now updated while playing the module.
  • Corrected a bug in the pattern block copy/paste routines.
January 27, 2001
  • Pattern block functions implemented.
  • A lot of 68030 code optimized. Thanks to Daniel Pettersson (Tam of TOYS) for helping me with this. It may give one or two extra voices in sample mode.
  • The sample mode is now working 100%, all sample points can be set graphically.
January 10, 2001
  • ACE has been tested successfully on Nemesis and CenTurbo 2 equipped Falcon030 computers.
  • Included a screen saver and a mouse accelerator.
  • Band-pass filter implemented, although it still needs some more work to make it more user-friendly.
  • After a lot of thinking I may have come up with a way to optimize the reverb about 40%. It has not been tested yet but if it works there will be possible to implement more synth voices or perhaps stereo reverb.
  • Sample start, loop start, and loop end positions can bow be set graphically in the oscillator windows.
  • Removed a bug in the tracker causing ACE to crash if backspace was pressed in the volume field.
December 13, 2000
  • Pattern overview display finished.
December 10, 2000
  • ACE is now capable of playing a complete song with up to 256 patterns and 16 tracks.
  • Load and save module is in development.
  • Did some work on the the pattern edit functions.
  • Added "Step rate" and "Octave #" to the tracker interface.
December 8, 2000
  • Did some work on the pattern edit routines.
  • Started working on the module player, an interface between the ACE softsynt and the pattern data. Got a sounding pattern (very simple though) running yesterday.
December 5, 2000
  • Included keyboard routines.
  • Pattern display routines are now 95% complete, only the pattern line display left to do.
  • Included functions for pattern editing. Each track in ACE will have four columns; Note, Sound, Command and Velocity. Velocity can be volume and/or filter.
  • Cleaned up parts of the programcode.
December 4, 2000
  • Continued working on the pattern display routines.
  • Started working on the pattern edit functions. Edit marker was completed and the key edit function is in progress.
  • Included some new graphics for the pattern edit.
December 3, 2000
  • Did a lot of work on the tracker. Pattern display, pattern overview display, select position, and much more are now completed.
  • All functions for pattern creation finished.
    Pattern size is dynamic in ACE, from one single track and line to 16 tracks and 64 lines.
  • Basic functions like clear, remove and clone pattern implemented.
  • Did some work on the Arpeggio.
November 28, 2000
  • Included three master functions; reverb level, reverb decay and master volume.
  • Updated some graphics that was incorrect.
November 24, 2000
  • Continued working with the apreggioator, only a few small changes left until it is complete.
  • Corrected a minor oscillator bug in the DSP engine.
November 21, 2000
  • The GUI was reconstructed to optimize memory usage. As a result there is now another 400kb of RAM to play with.
  • Fixed some redraw problems in the GUI.
  • Corrected a small bug in the graphical oscillator window.
November 18, 2000
  • Functions for the two new waveforms included in the GUI.
  • Added a new parameter, an offset parameter making even more oscilliator variations possible. Square pulse width among other things can be simulated using it.
  • The basic functions for the tracker is now in development.
November 17, 2000
  • Thanks to quite a few optimizations, ACE is now capable of up to 16 voices in synth mode on a standard Falcon030.
  • One of the LFO's was replaced by an arpeggio which also can be used as an extra envelope or LFO
  • The GUI has been completely redesigned to make space for the tracker and MIDI editors.
  • Two more oscillators implemented, giving even more oscillator variations.
  • The LFO now has two new waveforms, triangle and random waveform.