ace demo tunes  
This page is dedicated to all musicians using ACE.

If you have composed a tune using ACE and want to share it with the public, please send it to us with a short description of it and we will add it to this page.

Speed of Time - Timbral
Speed of Time is a tribute to the Back to the Future trilogy.

Made entirely on an Atari Falcon (1992), this track was originally made as a test to determine what capabilities this old machine has.

Speed of Time by Timbral is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence and can also be listened to at SoundCloud if you do not have ACE Tracker v2.0.

Release date:
Oct 21, 2015
File information:
1 640 kb
Downloads: 779

ACE Space Station - Tim Conrardy
A very ambient and soft tune made by Tim as a product demo for ACE MIDI. This tune was also included on the Computer Music Magazine DVD, March 2006. Big thanks to Tim!

Release date:
Feb 25, 2006
File information:
ace spacestation.mp3
4 717 kb
Downloads: 661

Delta - Thomas Bergström
Another demo tune composed by Thomas Bergström, this time it is a remix of the classic C64 shoot'em up game Delta. The tune was composed in December 2000 while Thomas was working on ACE. We decided to release it even though it is not complete and ends quite abruptly. We hope you will like it anyway.

Release date:
May 24, 2002
File information:
1 303 kb
Downloads: 990

Mace - Thomas Bergström
This tune is composed by Thomas Bergström, the programmer of ACE MIDI. This tune has been worked on during the development of the program and this is the final version of it. Equipment used for this tune was an Atari Falcon030 running ACE and an Atari 1040STe running Cubase and a Behringer Virtualizer for reverb.

Release date:
May 2, 2002
File information:
3 772 kb
Downloads: 905

Home - Tim Conrardy
This ACE demo tune, made by Tim Conrardy, uses sample patches exclusively. String, guitar, and chiff flute samples are used. The string sample has two variations with different filter settings. A very relaxing tune with warmth and style. Vangelis and Mike Oldfield comes to mind.

Release date:
March 15, 2002
File information:
1 617 kb
Downloads: 615

Ace Sound - Tim Conrardy
An Atari STe running Notator was used for sequencing ACE in multitimbral mode. Both wave and sample mode patches are used in this tune.

Release date:
March 4, 2002
File information:
962 kb
Downloads: 615

Space Ace - Tim Conrardy
This tune demonstrates the rich and original sounds that ACE is capable of producing. Tim used his standard Falcon030 (equipped with 16Mb ST-RAM and a 80Mb hard drive) running ACE as sound source. The tune was composed using two algorithmic MIDI programs; Pulsar by Neil Wakeling and Music Mouse by Laurie Spiegel. That is Atari all the way!

Release date:
January 28, 2002
File information:
3 126 kb
Downloads: 845